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1. Guide to Buying Refurbished Products 
1.1. Is It Safe to Buy Refurbished Automation? 
In most cases, yes. There are always some risks when it comes to buying refurbished automation parts. However, buying refurbished products can get you a great deal. We suggest buying from the retailer directly or a reputable dealer from the list below. If you’re unsure, spend extra and get a longer warranty coverage to cover any problems.
1.2. Is Refurbished better than Used?
Used automation parts are just that; used. They are being sold without warranty and may only cover returns if they are Dead on Arrival [DOA]. We don’t suggest buying used automation parts.
1.3. What Does Grade A Refurbished Mean? 
Refurbished automation parts are given grades based on their functionality. Grades are assigned after refurbished parts have gone through a professional has thoroughly checked out everything. Grade A is near mint condition and is the best you can hope for when buying a refurbished automation parts. Newer products are generally available in Grade A.
1.4. When Should I Buy Refurbished Automation Parts? 

You should consider buying refurbished parts in the following scenarios:

  • When you don’t have the budget for brand new but want the latest automation parts.
  • When you are knowledgeable about technology and can easily tell straightaway if the refurbished parts is going to be a problem within its return period.
1.5. What To Look Out For When Buying Refurbished Automation Parts?

Whether you are buying from the manufacturer or, from a trusted site, there are some things to keep in mind when buying refurbished electronics online.

  1. Parts Warranty: First, confirm the warranty. You’ll want to know how long you have to exchange something if it doesn’t work and if there is a money back guarantee or not.
  2. Return Policy: See what the return policy is, if there is one at all. This will help you determine if you need to do any rigorous tests on the parts to make sure it works. As a rule of thumb, refurbished automation parts carry a 90 day to 12-month warranty period during which time any problems will be covered by them for free.
  3. Refurbished Type: Also, check to see if the device is factory refurbished or not. Plenty of businesses fix parts for re-sale, but a factory certification means it has been tried and tested by the manufacturer. If you want a guarantee on quality and peace of mind, make sure it is factory refurbished.
  4. Warranty Claim Process: In the event you are looking to buy a refurbished automation parts from an online store, then check how easy it is to claim warranty and understand what is covered and what isn’t during the warranty period. This is important since they will certify the parts according to their standards and the claim will also be handled by their store or authorised outlet.

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