05701-A-0325 | Honeywell | DC Input Card
05701-A-0325 | Honeywell | DC Input Card
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05701-A-0325 | Honeywell | DC Input Card

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Estimated Lead Time : 6-8 Weeks
Part Number:05701-A-0325

Condition : Refurbished 

Warranty : 1 year warranty. 

QTA REF No : IAFD111311071123
  • Estimated Lead Time : 6-8 Weeks
  • Manufacturer : HONEYWELL
  • Product No : 05701-A-0325
  • Product Type : DC Input Card
  • The dc power to the rack can enter the sub-rack via the DC Input Card. This power may be supplied by the user from an external nominal 24V dc supply. The dc supply is routed through the Engineering Card and sub-rack back plane to all cards in the rack and is protected by a fuse on the DC Input Card. There is a two part terminal block, TB1, to aid removal of the card without disconnecting each of the connected wires.
  • To prevent excessive current flow along the rack backplane in installations where more than eight 5704 Catalytic Cards are used, it is recommended that the Control Cards are powered via their associated Quad Relay Interface Card and the DC Input Card used to power the Engineering Card only.
  • If required, a stand-by backup battery supply may also be connected to the auxiliary dc input connections.
  • The PSU and AUX connections are isolated from each other by diodes.
  • The DC Input Card also provides RFI filtering and reverse polarity protection.
  • Shipping Weight: 2 Kg

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